To make something fun and different i baked a normal easy cake in a rectangular form and when it was done and not hot anymore i used circular molds to cut circles (4)
I stacked them one on top of the other spreading strawberry jam in between
Then I decorated with fruit and cookies… I used egg whites beaten with sugar to help stick them in place…
Took it to the fridge until serving time.


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Fruit cake

Lovely fresh option to make kids want to eat fruit and very decorative for cocktail’s too…
Just chopped the upper and lower part of

a watermelon, cleaned it leaving it all pinky 🙂 and decorated it with every fruit I had on my fridge.
It was 👌


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Lemon, ginger and honey tea

Nothing better to sweeten and heat up a sore throat fighting a flu…
For one cup portion you just slice half a lemon, a half a finger of ginger very thinly sliced and two tablespoons of good and quality honey…
Pour very hot (boiling) water on it, stir it until the honey dissolves and start drinking it. Don’t let it get cold… Drink it hot.


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Haupia pudding

It wouldnt be me if it wasnt again a very easy dessert

i hate sweating in the kitchen but i love good food hehehe

So, this is a sweet you will always find in a Hawaiian luau… its nothing but a cornstarch cold pudding

Here’s the recipe darlings:

Stir 4 cups of coconut milk with 1 and 1/2 cups of water and over low heat add 1 1/2 cups of sugar, 2 1/2 cups of cornstarch until it reaches a pudding like texture, shiny and smooth. Cool it in the fridge and then cut it into squares, sprinkle some grated coconut and enjoy .

It is just so good, try it!

Haupia doce Havaiano1

Home made fresh cheese

I like making cheese at home for many reasons, because its fast, i get to choose the flavour i like an for the fun of it.

Nothing to it, i put 2 liters of milk in a pan to heat, not boil it, just plain milk

so when its really hot you pour the juice of a lemon and a few (4 to 8) tablespoons of vinegar inside the milk and instantly you’ll see curds forming, turn the heat off

Now get a skimmer and start taking the curds of on to a table cloth inside another pan to filter all the remaining whey

close the table cloth and squeeze all the whey, then open it again on a plate, season it with what you like, i use diced garlic, origanum, chopped parsley and sea salt

Roll up the table cloth again, i normally push it inside a big plastic cup to give it this cylindrical shape and let it sit overnight OR you can just eat it straight away as ricotta cheese.

Once you do the first and second time you’ll just wont stop

“Who wants some cheese?!”


Watermelon cake

Get one watermelon, cut both sides, top and bottom to make it “sit” properly

You will just have to see how much fruit you need while you are making the decoration of the rest

I decided i didn’t want to cover the watermelon completely so i just cover the top side with some sweet natural yogurt, and throw some fruits on top.

Next time i will show you how it is when its all covered

A nice fresh dessert


Diced fruit sorbet

Sorbets are easy to make and take very little time

The only thing you need to do is mach the fruit, add some water, sugar and syrup

But to make it even easier we can just dice the fruit, you get nice pieces of sweet fruit and is very refreshing for a hot day


To make 8 sorbets i diced 3 plums, a hand full of grapes, mixed it with 2 tablespoons of sugar and added 4 more tablespoons of strawberry syrup. Dropped this mixture inside the sorbet molds making shore no to get them too full and then filled them with coconut flavoured soy milk in four of them, and melon and jasmin juice on the others…(what you pour is up to you now)

Goes to the freezer for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Have fun.

Bombom caseiro crocante

Lindo de ver, fácil de fazer e bom de comer
Sou fã de chocolate (somos muitos), decidi que eu era capaz de fazer o meu, e não é que consegui mesmo. Então…se quiser experimentar vai precisar de:
1/2 lata de leite condensado
1 xícara de leite em pó
1 barra de chocolate cadbury com mentol
2 ou 3 palitos la Reine

Corte os palitos la Reine em pedaços, não muito grandes  nem muito pequenos e reserve.
Em uma tigela misture o leite condensado e o leite em pó e misture até obter uma massa homogênea e seca  Tire com uma colher de sopa pedaços da mistura e abra, coloque um pedaço de palito la Reine no centro, e feche-o dentro da massa, enrole-o em bolinhas, ou quadrados, coloque sobre um papel vegetal e ponha no frigorífico.
Agora, ponha a barra de chocolate a derreter em banho-maria (o chocolate dentro de uma panela dentro de outra com água dentro).
Vá picando com um garfo para ajudar a derretê-lo, com a ajuda do garfo passe cada uma das bolinhas no chocolate e volta para o papel vegetal no frigorífico durante umas 2 horas.
É muuuito bom. Quem não quiser usar os palitos la Reine pode misturar côco, ou ainda inserir uma fruta no meio.
As pedrinhas de mentol dão um aspecto lindo ao chocolate.